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Telegram Proxy Options Now, it will be added to your custom notification sounds list. Besides, you will also get a confirmation saying that you can now use this sound as a notification tone in your custom notification settings. Just tap on this confirmation alert or head over to the Settings -> Notifications and Sounds. After that, tap Private Chats. Your smartphone is the main hub of your private information. You may be sharing a lot of information with your family friends and anyone other using a messaging app.

Set Reminders Customize Telegram App Icon To make such a group or find people near you, swipe right on the homepage, tap on “Contacts”, and then tap on “Find People Nearby”. You will see a list of nearby people and groups sorted by distance. Let’s check out what are the main Telegram features that you should be used to simplify the way you’re messaging in 2021.

Take Advantage of Telegram Chat Tools This page also lets you select your preferred night mode theme. Next, tap Never Share With and then select the people from whom you want to hide your profile. Signal Vs. Telegram: Which Secure Messaging App Is Better?

In spite of this whooping figure, Telegram is way behind the world’s most popular messaging service, Whatsapp. However, it has all the potential to get over a billion active users. Premium Voice-to-Text


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