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All Telegram users can download these extra-large documents, regardless of whether they are subscribed to Telegram Premium. Set Reminders Telegram offers you to create and use your own custom theme with whatever colors you want. Also, it offers many ways to customize it the way you want it to. There is nothing to pay for anything. Everything is FREE and you can create your own personalized theme with your favorite colors.

Open Telegram app -> Settings -> Privacy and Security. Public figures and organizations can verify their group, channel or bot – receiving a verification badge Verification Check to show users that messages are coming from a confirmed source. In addition to profiles, search results and the chat list, these badges now appear at the top of the chat. This makes it even easier to identify verified sources of information. To use it, go back to Settings > Chat Settings (Android) or Settings > Appearance (iOS). Select Auto-Night Mode to choose how it works. Telegram Location Share

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The app is really awesome for me rather than using other Messaging apps for my day-to-day works. It has all the things that meet my requirements. Powered by Playwire

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