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Private Chats in Telegram Settings So, if you want to create different chat folders on Telegram for your use case then follow along. Open the hamburger menu and move to Settings -> Folders. Here, tap on “Create New Folder” and give a name like personal, work, fun, unread, etc. After that, add the chats that you would like to appear in this folder. Similarly, you can add the kinds of chats that you don’t want to be grouped under this folder. This way Telegram will learn your preferences. Now, the main screen will move to a tabbed UI making it easier to use and manage Telegram. How awesome is that? Generic Telegram emojis on the Honor View 20 on a table.

Now, tap Profile Photo. Now, you have three options: I rode an electric bike to work, and here’s what I learned Auto-Night Mode Share Live Location

Slow Mode And under Advanced, you can change how much time must pass with no activity before Telegram will automatically delete your account. Premium Telegram Premium Telegram Messenger Tricks

Read also: WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which messaging app should you use? To schedule and send silent messages, users can simply type out their messages, but long tap on the send button instead of simply pressing it. This will show you the schedule and silent message options.


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