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Telegram Privacy Options Polls and Quiz Mode We all have that one person that annoys us by sending too many forwarded messages. Well, Telegram makes it really easy to silence such a contact. Just open the chat and tap on the profile photo of the contact.

Settings in Telegram Under the Other section, tap Open Links in and then choose a preferred browser from the list. telegram russia samsung best encrypted private messenger apps for android If you are a group admin and it’s getting hard for you to manage the group due to the sheer amount of messages, you can use utilize the slow mode feature.

Uttarakhand resort murder: Amid questions within, BJP may revamp Dhami go... Self-destruct is a popular feature on Telegram, but it has been limited to the separate “Secret Chat” option only. However, with the recent update, now you can self-destruct media like photos and videos on normal chats too. Just select a photo or video and then tap on the “timer” button. Now, you can choose the time after which the media will be deleted from everywhere. Telegram Mute Option Under the App Icon section, you should see a handful of pre-defined app icons such as Aqua, Sunset, Mono Black, Classic, Classic Black, Filled, and Filled Black. Now, choose a suitable app icon and you are all set!

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