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Telegram’s core functionality is the same as most other messaging apps: You can message other Telegram users, create group conversations, call contacts, make video calls, and send files and stickers. However, there are a few specific features that make it work differently from other chat apps. {} Mute Contacts and Groups

Copy a Part of Text from a Message Also, it enables you to send the current location as well. But live location is much more valuable because it’s easy to find your friend or someone in a wide range of situations. And now you have your own newly themed Telegram. There are so many themes on the Android Themes channel that you can change them daily and still won’t run out of them in years, so enjoy!! Slow Mode Telegram Messenger Tricks

Faster and Stronger Automatic Saving to Gallery on Android Turn Off Notifications for Individual Contacts The iPhone 14 won’t have a physical SIM – here’s what that means for you

To enable or disable this service, go to “Settings”, “Notification and Sounds”, and swipe down to the “Other” section. You will also find a “Repeat Notifications” option, which you can select as per your convenience. Lock Your Conversations


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