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If you prefer keeping the sensitive content of your chats limited to yourself and avoiding it from being intercepted by a hacker or the authorities in your country or region, this Telegram trick is for you. While normal chats in Telegram are user-to-server encrypted and cannot be read unless someone breaches Telegram’s servers, Secret Chats take it to a new level by providing user-to-user encryption. These chats are meant to be short-lived and not stored on Telegram’s servers. Self Destruct Messages on Secret Chats Message corners

SUBSCRIBER ONLY STORIESView All In fact, Telegram offers many more features rather than other Messaging apps in the same market. Large file size limit Telegram allows you to classify all your chats into various folders. This lets you deal with a group of chats at a time and avoid others when they are not important. For instance, you could set a group to include all chats from your work colleagues and another to manage your personal social circle.

To preview a chat, simply press and hold its profile picture in your chat list. Chat Folders Turn on Secret Chat Possibly the biggest disadvantage Telegram has over more popular messages is simply that: popularity. Despite its hundreds of millions of fans, Telegram is still leagues behind WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat in active monthly users.

According to the official Telegram FAQ section, You can create secret chats that use end-to-end encryption. This means only you and your chat partner can read those messages. Advanced Chat Options

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