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The app is really awesome for me rather than using other Messaging apps for my day-to-day works. It has all the things that meet my requirements. Telegram has a cloud service that stores messages, photos, videos, and documents. You can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. Self-destruct timers

Customize Theme and Message Corners Pros of switching Custom Theme Your Telegram 5b To enable or disable this service, go to “Settings”, “Notification and Sounds”, and swipe down to the “Other” section. You will also find a “Repeat Notifications” option, which you can select as per your convenience.

To get going, open the Telegram app on your device. Then, head over to a chat and tap on the name of the chat at the top. Digital Stickers allow you to express yourself better and in a more fun way. Since they are bigger, more detailed, and frequency animated, they make up for the expressiveness and gesture that can get lost in text conversations. Premium 4 GB Uploads Since Telegram stores chats and files on a remote server instead of your device, you can also access everything (except secret chats) from the web. Access it via the web portal or any of several Chrome extensions.

Telegram also includes useful security options in this menu, which differ in name slightly on Android and iPhone. Use Passcode Lock to keep people from reading your chats. You can review all Active Sessions and terminate any logins that you no longer use. Join Requests for Public Groups

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