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You don’t need a separate image/video editor to make your photos/videos more compelling. You can do it right in the telegram app using its intuitive interface. Thank You Lock Your Chats 1b As you might now, Telegram allows you to create Channels which is a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. The basic difference between a group and a Channel is the fact that a Channel can have unlimited numbers and the messages you sent inside a Channel are marked with the Channel name and not yours. However, if your channel is very large, it might become difficult to broadcast a message which is ready by everyone before it is lost in other messages. To solve this problem, you can pin messages inside a Channel. To pin a message, just tap on it and tap on Pin. Now the message will always be on top before the reader removes them.

Telegram Mute Option Telegram has announced a host of new features for its users. The social messaging app is getting features like Status emoji, Infinite reactions, improved login flow and others. Some of these features are available for all users, while some are available for Premium members only. Here’s a look at all the features that are coming to Telegram Telegram gives you an option where you can select who can see your last seen time. To configure this, go to “Settings”, “Privacy and Security” and then tap on “Last Seen & Online”. You can share it with everybody, or people in your contact list, or nobody, or add exceptions like “never share with” XYZ. Buying a new 5G smartphone? Here’s what to keep in mind

All your normal chat media will be saved in your cloud storage. But, secret chats are not a part of the Telegram cloud. Here, Telegram will give you some information about what happens when you change your number. Basically, all your messages will be moved to the new number and your new number will be automatically added to all your existing Telegram contacts, barring the blocked contacts. It’s way easier then re-sharing your new number with everyone. To change the number, tap on the “Change Number”, enter the new number and follow the process on your screen.

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