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࿚ ᣖᣴᐤᕐ " 🐷💧 ᵎ' ꪳ
࿚ ᐪᕽᐪ " 🌱🍪 ᵎ' ꪳ
࿚ ᘁᣳᒄᓫᐤ " 📽❕ᵎ' ꪳ
࿚ ᔿᓑᣵᣳᑦ " 🍹♩ ᵎ' ꪳ
࿚ ᒃᣳᐤ " 🗼➰ ᵎ' ꪳ
#لِفط کون نیص کِ بِدین 😹🔞💸

اصکی رفتن عه ما باعث افتخارماست/:-🤟🏻🤞🏻

جهت سفارش آیدی ادمین @Vorojakk_m

@bx_lash99 • ᑦᑋᣕᒻᔿᐤᣕ

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Created: 2020-11-12

From: Russia and American

Telegram •͜͜•🍾⃤̶̶͞͞ ▸͞͞↳̽• ▼-ᒃᣔᕽ ᒻᣔᣵᑋ⸸ .̽̄͟.̄̽┌►ⷯ͢͞•, 381169 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Russia, RU

Telegram •͜͜•🍾⃤̶̶͞͞ ▸͞͞↳̽• ▼-ᒃᣔᕽ ᒻᣔᣵᑋ⸸ .̽̄͟.̄̽┌►ⷯ͢͞•, 381169 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, American, US

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Moreover, Telegram has theme channels that offer premade themes for your easy use. You can find your preferred theme and click install to make it alive on your Telegram. Telegram Settings Generic Telegram emojis on the Honor View 20 on a table. On WhatsApp and other messaging apps, you can send uncompressed media by changing the media extension to something like PDF or EXE. However, on Telegram, you don’t need to take this hacky route for sending uncompressed media files. Just select your media and tap on the 3-dot menu. After that, choose “Send without compression” and that is it. How awesome is that? This single Telegram trick has saved me so much headache when sharing photos.

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