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Created: 2022-04-18

From: USA and Canada

Telegram Marika Nova, 80907320 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram Marika Nova, 80907320 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Canada, CA

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Use Hashtags to Organize Your Chats For maximum privacy, you can create secret chats that use end-to-end encryption. These aren't stored on Telegram's servers, so you can only access them with your specific phone. If one party deletes a message, it disappears on both devices. And you can specify a self-destruct period for all media if you like. Telegram has a feature that not only lets you send messages at a particular time but also on a particular date. Just hold the “send” button in any chat and choose “Schedule Message” to automatically send content at a specified time in the future. This feature also works in your “Saved Messages” chat, turning your planned messages into reminders.

Custom Folders If you are a group admin and it’s getting hard for you to manage the group due to the sheer amount of messages, you can use utilize the slow mode feature. This means you can start typing a message on your mobile and continue on your desktop. The draft will remain in the editing area on all sync devices until it is sent or deleted. Have you ever needed to change your phone number but worried about transferring all your contacts and other information to the new number? While this can be a lot of work, Telegram does it all for you. You can easily change the phone number attached to your account without losing any of your chats or contacts.

Edit Sent Messages Edit Sent Messages They offer a great opportunity to reach people directly, sending notifications to their devices with every post. Users can join and leave channels at any time. And once they join a channel, they can see its entire message history. Now, tap If Inactive For at the bottom of the screen and choose a preferred option like 1 week or 1 month in the popup menu.

Use Multiple Telegram Accounts If you want to add a second number instead of migrating, Telegram also lets you use multiple accounts at once. For Android, on the left sidebar, tap your contact info to expand the account switcher and choose Add Account. On iPhone, tap Edit on the profile page and choose Add Another Account.

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