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Медуза — LIVEГлавный телеграм-канал «Медузы». Для связи: @meduzalovesyou

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Медуза — LIVE

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Russia RU telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram Медуза — LIVE

Created: 2019-10-28

From: Russia and Germany

Telegram Медуза — LIVE, 1968 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Russia, RU

Telegram Медуза — LIVE, 1968 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Germany, DE

TG Медуза — LIVE

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Message corners For maximum privacy, you can create secret chats that use end-to-end encryption. These aren't stored on Telegram's servers, so you can only access them with your specific phone. If one party deletes a message, it disappears on both devices. And you can specify a self-destruct period for all media if you like. Tap your profile picture here to see everything you've uploaded in the past. You can scroll across them; tap the Set as Main Photo option that appears on the top-right menu (as three dots on Android or Edit on iPhone) to set an older image as your current profile picture.

At the same time, all existing features that users have come to expect and rely on for nearly a decade remain free. Moreover, non-premium users will be able to enjoy some of Premium's benefits: for example, download the extra-large documents and view stickers sent by premium users, as well as tap to increase counters on premium reactions that were already added to a message. To set self-destruction timer, swipe right on the homepage, tap “New Secret Chat”, and add recipients. Now simply tap the clock icon and set Self-Destruct Timer to the desired time limit (from 1 second to 1 week). The clock starts ticking the moment messages are displayed on the recipient’s screen. Telegram has a unique feature called Channels that allow you to broadcast messages to large audiences. Unlike Groups, Telegram Channels can have an unlimited amount of subscribers, and only admins have the right to post content. 5 Cool Telegram Messenger Tricks You Should Know

Change Phone Numbers Hide Telegram Profile Photo To lock your messages, go to “Settings”, “Privacy and Security” and tap on “Passcode Lock”. You will be asked to set a four-digit passcode and confirm it. Once you do that, you will find additional options to “unlock the app with fingerprint” and “auto-lock” it after a specific duration. To adjust the theme, go to Settings > Chat Settings on Android, or Settings > Appearance on iOS. Here you can change the text size, bubble colors, night mode settings, and similar options. Choose Chat Background to set a new wallpaper for your groups.

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