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در این کانال خوانش و شرح بیتهای شاهنامهٔ فردوسی تقدیمتان می شود. این کارگاهها به آموزگاری بهادر قاسمی و به همت انجمن شاهنامه خوانی هما، در خانه فرهنگ گیلان برگزار شده است.



انجمن شاهنامه‌خوانی هما

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American US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram انجمن شاهنامه‌خوانی هما

Created: 2021-10-04

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Telegram انجمن شاهنامه‌خوانی هما, 721933 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel American, US

Telegram انجمن شاهنامه‌خوانی هما, 721933 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, American,

TG انجمن شاهنامه‌خوانی هما

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Faster and Stronger To lock your messages, go to “Settings”, “Privacy and Security” and tap on “Passcode Lock”. You will be asked to set a four-digit passcode and confirm it. Once you do that, you will find additional options to “unlock the app with fingerprint” and “auto-lock” it after a specific duration. Similar options are available for sharing your phone number and profile photo. You can also select who can add a link to your account when forwarding messages, who can call you, and who can add you in groups.

To do this, head over to Telegram settings and choose ‘Folders’. Here you can create as many folders as you want and add both personal chats as well as groups and channels to any of the folders. You can also order the folders you just created, but note that the default ‘All chats’ folder will always be the first one. Verification Badges in Chats Enable Auto-Night Mode 2b Telegram Messenger Tricks You don’t need a separate image/video editor to make your photos/videos more compelling. You can do it right in the telegram app using its intuitive interface.

Hopefully, I have listed enough Telegram features to help you understand why the Telegram app is so popular and secure. Telegram Chat Options Boo! Check out the new and upcoming Halloween/horror streaming shows and movies Whether you no longer want to let redundant chats clutter the precious storage of your device or wish to shield your personal chats, the auto-delete timer is for you. When you set an auto-delete timer for a specific Telegram chat, all of its content including images, videos, and documents are automatically deleted after the timer expires.

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