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This the part that I mostly addict to use Telegram. When we using digital communication, there are so many bots in various types of services. Telegram Bots can do everything from helping you to do different kinds of things that save you time. You can take a new photo, upload an existing one, search the web for a new image, or remove your current photo. Visible Votes: Creator can allow everyone in the group to see who voted for what.

Chat folders Hopefully, I have listed enough Telegram features to help you understand why the Telegram app is so popular and secure. The option to automatically save media to Gallery is back with renewed vigor: saving media can now be enabled and disabled separately for chats with users, groups or channels. With the ability to send files up to 2 GB (or 4 GB), users can easily share large media items from other apps directly to Telegram on any mobile platform. This saves both time and storage space – so you don't have to save the file before sending it in Telegram.

Is Telegram free? Polls and Quiz Mode Telegram Live Locations and proximity alters (Express Photo) To make such a group or find people near you, swipe right on the homepage, tap on “Contacts”, and then tap on “Find People Nearby”. You will see a list of nearby people and groups sorted by distance.

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